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Posted on April 14 2015

Hi, my name is Halli and I am the Designer at Kindred Wrap.

Tell me about what you do?

My process always begins with focusing on who our customer is. I think the modern mom is busy, I think she’s juggling a million things, I think she’s stylish and smart and wants a product that not only reflects her style but is of high quality and ethically made. After finding truly expert manufacturers and selecting an eco-friendly fiber I felt like we nailed the last two attributes, so it was the design that I put a lot of focus on.

After collecting a ridiculous amount of inspiration, I started designing the patterns with two things in mind: 1. Would I and the women I know wear this? 2. Is it serving it’s purpose as an accessory? I categorize woven wraps as a functional accessory. My goal is to provide our customer with patterns and colors that lend themselves to interpretation - that are bold, yet flexible to the styling and perspective of whomever is wearing them.

My ultimate hope is that the second a wrap leaves its package it takes on a new life, and becomes an authentic piece of your wardrobe. 

What makes you excited about this product?

I love that I get to make something truly functional that is also so inherently simple. I think the simplicity and moldability of a woven wrap is beautiful. Not to mention the intention of the product: to promote a deep bond in the process of caring for one’s child, what is more beautiful than that?!

What makes the wraps you design special?

There are so many stunning wraps out there and such an incredible variety. What I think makes our wraps special is their simplicity. I look at the first Kindred Wrap collection of wovens and I think it’s fun, it’s cheery, but it’s also sophisticated. I think the colors and patterns really lend themselves to interpretation and styling by the customer. I am excited to see how they are mixed and matched. To learn what people like and what we can do better. At the end of the day I hope we’ve created a product that our customer feels reflects and complements their personal style. 

I also think our fiber choice makes our wraps special. Tencel is an eco-friendly fiber with tons of excellent qualities.

What’s your favorite color?

This is a really tough one for me. Most people might struggle more with answering what their favorite movie is, but that’s a no brainer for me, it’s this one that I have a hard time with.

If I had to answer I’d say white. I love the brightness. It’s fresh, it’s a clean slate and it invites a mess in the best way possible. I always feel creatively inspired in a white space.

Tied for second would have to be blue and yellow. Blue, because Hawaii, where I grew up. You can’t be surrounded by ocean without a deep attachment to that sparkling blue of the Pacific. And yellow because it’s the happiest color.

Oh, and that movie question, it's Jaws....then The Sound of Music and Sandlot.

Can’t live without?

  1. Family. Family is absolutely everything to me.
  2. The outdoors. Whether it is the ocean in Hawaii or the mountains in Washington, I need the escape of nature. It’s how I recharge.
  3. Happy hour. It’s a family tradition to come together at the end of the day. There’s no distractions, we literally watch time pass as the sky changes and just enjoy being together, reflecting, laughing. It’s my favorite time.

And of course, the worst interview question ever: What is your greatest weakness?

Hands down, spelling. Don’t ask me to spell anything, ever.


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  • Kari: April 18, 2015

    Hello, Halli! Thank you for sharing your beautiful wraps with all of us :-)

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