Kindred Brand Ambassador: Kellen & Javi

Posted on April 16 2015


Kellen is an avid volunteer Babywearing educator and a huge inspiration to our brand as a Kindred Ambassador. Not only does she test each and every wrap with her sidekick, Javi, she also provides insights for improvement on behalf of our customers.

 Meet Kellen

Wife, Mother, Daughter, Sister, Student, Teacher, Athlete, Friend… all describe me but don't quite capture my essence. My name is Kellen and I am the mother to a beautiful (almost) 2 year-old boy named Javier. My husband, Estevan, and I live in Hawaii where I grew up and this island is as much a part of me as anything else, it helps define me. I am currently a part time teacher and pursuing my masters of science in counseling psychology. I also paddle, volunteer as a babywearing educator and spend as much time as possible at the beach. Balance is key when you have kids, its something I'm constantly struggling to achieve. It’s hard, and I haven’t quite figured it out yet, but I have made some headway, and honestly wearing Javi has helped me do that.

Using a carrier has helped me be the mother I am, I started with a ring sling when Javi was a newborn and moved onto an Ergo, then I found woven wraps, and that is when I found comfort, style and practicality. I have tried many different types of carriers over the past two years, including different types of woven wraps, mei tei's, ring slings, SSC's (soft structured carriers) and knit wraps. I decided to try a woven wrap because I desired more from my SSC that I was using at the time. I wanted a carrier that molded to my body and my baby. I wanted a carrier that I felt beautiful in. I wanted a carrier with more versatility. I got these things once I tried my first woven wrap, a Didymos 1975.

I love wovens for their durability; they can be used as long as you like, even be passed down to future generations, holding their value. I love wovens for their versatility; they can be used for newborns all the way through toddlerhood in a variety of carries; back carries, higher weight threshold all with more support and breathability. They are beautiful, and convenient.

Learning to wrap came naturally to me, however that is not always the case. There is a learning curve with wrapping but, as with anything that is worth doing, the effort it takes to practice and perfect a carry will pay off. I can guarantee that once it clicks you will fall in love.

Javier is almost 2 years old and we still wear almost everyday, especially around naptime. I started wrapping him when he was around 5 months, currently at 28 pounds and growing by the second, Javi has always preferred to be held. Being wrapped was something he loved from the beginning. Wovens have enabled me to express my love for Javi in the moment. With a wrap, Javi is close, cuddled and nurtured while I go about my daily tasks. It has given me the freedom to bond with and express my love for Javi, while taking care of my other responsibilities…I even wore Javi while subbing a 9th grade class!

I would, and do, recommend woven wraps to new parents all the time. Of the wraps I've tried so far, Kindred has created magic. They are a perfect balance of qualities. They are all slightly different but in general are moldable, sweet to my shoulders, supportive, have amazing stretch and no sag. I am excited to see what’s ahead!


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