Talking Babywearing with Kacia

Posted on July 06 2015

We were so lucky to chat babywearing with Kacia, the creator of the charming blog http://coconutrobot.com/  Be sure to check it out for super cute DIY ideas, recipes, fashion and more! Photo credit for this post goes to Rachel Rowland, you can see more of her beautiful work at http://rachelrowland.com/ 



Hi Kacia, thank you so much for taking a moment to talk babywearing with us. First would you like to introduce yourself. I’d love to know the story behind your blog name, “Coconut Robot”?

Hi! I'm Kacia (pronounced "kay-sha") but I'm often just called Coconut Robot. It's probably a combination of people not knowing how to pronounce my name and CoconutRobot just being something easily remembered!

My blog Coconut Robot actually started out as our wedding RSVP page. I know, weird. We wanted to think of something that was unique, and so we snatched up the URL. The title Coconut Robot was given by a sweet 5 year old (who would later be one of our flower girls!) who called Andy (my husband) the Coconut Robot man because of a little robot he was building who had a head that looked like a coconut. See? I told you the name was just weird! I honestly wish I had a better story, but the name just stuck!

... Let’s talk babywearing ...

What types of baby carriers do you use? When do you prefer using one over the other?

I use a lot of ring slings, woven wraps and one SSC.  My mantra is "they all have their job!" I use some for quick ups and grocery trips.  I use others while I need Jones to nap and others while I need to get things done around the house and he wants to be held.   


How/when did you discover wovens?

When my oldest, Harlow, was about 3 months old, I reached out to a gal I "knew" only by connections. She is a mom to 5, and I loved seeing her little all wrapped up. They were so content, and she handled her little team of kids with such ease. We became (and still are!) great friends, and she introduced me to the world of woven wraps. I truly credit Angela for my love of babywearing and my proclamation of love for woven wraps from the mountaintops. I truly get teary when I see fellow moms changed by babywearing -- it's so incredible!

How would you describe your experience learning to wrap? Was it difficult- did you try out different carry techniques right away? Any advice for parents new to wrapping?

Sweaty? hahahaha. It can definitely be a workout trying new carries (especially back carries!) and at the start. My best advice is keep trying! When I was working on various backcarries with Jones, I would try putting him up at the start of every hour. If he was cranky, I just stopped. If I was exhausted and it wasn't going well, I stopped and tried again later. Soon it becomes natural, and you'll feel confident! Every baby and mom is different: a carry that is comfortable to you, might not be the best for others, but it's so fun trying new carries and techniques! My daughter, Harlow, and I watch "Wrap You In Love" tutorials all the time -- she loves her rainbow hair, and I love her instructions! I don't wear Harlow much anymore, but she often helps me learn new carries. She can sit still and help me figure out passes for back carries, so I'm more confident when trying them with Jones. Stuffed animals can sometimes work too ;)

 How old is Jones? Does he enjoy being wrapped up? Do you have a favorite carry for him?

Jones Lauritzen just turned 9 months! I can't believe it, honestly. It's gone so fast, and we've had so much happen since he made his arrival. I joke that my wraps and slings are made of unicorn hair, because they truly work their magic with Jones. He gets giddy and giggly when he sees me take out a wrap! He doesn't usually nap when I carry him on my back: he's too busy adoringly watching his big sis! I love Half Jordan's Back Carry and a simple Ruck. Jones it a pretty good seat-popper, so I'm always looking for good wiggle-proof carries.

When I'm wanting some snuggles and a good nap, I always resort to my first love: FWCC (front wrap cross carry). I learned using a 5, but now I love 4s and shorter, so I tie under his bum or with the tippy tails in the back.

When you received your first Kindred Wrap, what was your initial reaction? Was it different in feel, look or quality than you had expected?

The colors and textures and designs...oh my! I was immediately hooked by Halli's design aesthetic through social media, and Kindred Wraps live up to the beauty she portrays visually. The wraps were thicker than I expected, but cooler than I expected! They breath so well, have great grip and are super cushy and supportive. -Kacia H.

Thank you so much, Kacia, for taking the time to share your babywearing experiences with us! Also a huge thank you to the Rachel for the incredible photos! 

For more awesome tips and content, be sure to go check Kacia's blog : http://coconutrobot.com/

And to see more of Rachel's lovely photos visit her portfolio page : http://rachelrowland.com/


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