Cascadia in the Market Featuring Ashley & Eames

Posted on August 10 2016

Hey guys! We’re shaking things up a bit and trying a new way of wrap releases. We are so inspired by the support in this community we thought it would be wonderful to learn more about one another by featuring a mama along side each new wrap release. We see it as a wonderful way to share stories and continue to build upon the remarkable support already present here.

We’re so thankful to Ashley Vos for graciously agreeing to be our first feature and present the Cascadia Natty release. Many of you probably know Ashley from @wearingeames. She is the mother of two boys, a Seattle native and brilliant photographer (after you read the blog you should totally go check her work out here: http://www.ashleyvosphotography.com/).

I’m so happy to be sharing the photos from our shoot over at Pike Place along with a peek into the parenting journey of Ashley and how babywearing has helped her to navigate such a busy schedule while still making time for her loves.

Also—to celebrate our first feature and to kick off the release of Cascadia Natty, which will be next week, August 16th, Ashley will be taking over our instagram account tomorrow to share more of her story AND will be announcing a *GIVEAWAY* of a Cascadia Natty Ringsling! So be sure to tune in tomorrow!


Meet Ashley

Hello hello! I'm Ashley and I'm a babywearing, small-business-running, mama of two from Seattle! I was so lucky to be introduced to woven wraps by my best friend in the year before I became pregnant with my little guy, Eames. As soon as I got my first lesson in wrapping, I knew I was hooked.

Any mom of two or more kiddos will tell you that you just don't get the time to snuggle and enjoy your new babies like you did your first. At first wrapping him was out of necessity -- having a newborn and another kid that needs lunches packed, and shoes to be tied and you've got to be hands free. It's thankfully become more than a survival tool -- it's become a joy and a part of our relationship. Nothing surprised me more than learning how different two babies can be from one another, and how different our attachment could be, right from the start.

Being able to wrap Eames up and feel him against me so often has bonded us so deeply through our weeks together. Even now in this phase as he's quite literally the busiest baby on the planet, he still reaches for me and doesn't fight when I zoom him up towards the skies and down onto my back. He knows what's coming, and he loves it too.

With a four and a half year age gap between my boys, we're always on the run and wearing Eames has been so essential to getting anything done over the last half year. Eames sleeps on me a few days a week between camp pickups, grocery runs and general life. When he was brand new I used my very first Kindred wrap to let him sleep and snuggle on my front, while I answered emails and edited client photos. Traveling with him has been a breeze and putting baby up will always be my number one travel tip with littles.


I've even gone to work and photographed families and nursing sessions with my littliest assistant peeking over my shoulder. When I'm away all weekend in my busy season shooting weddings and families, the first thing I want to do when I'm back is wrap my baby up - and he loves it too. At 6 months old he's a busy, busy boy but somehow he's always excited to go up on my back, or down for a nap on my front.


Holding one baby on my chest, while walking hand in hand with another is magic. Giving me the independence I need and the chance to accomplish daily tasks while keeping Eames safe, secure and happy is a gift. The community of babywearing mamas and papas I've met and embraced me with open arms has been the icing on the cake. I'm so thankful that I've been given the chance to wear Eames, and even more so, the chance to reflect upon it. -Ashley 

You can follow more of Ashley's journey here @_ashleyvos and here @wearingeames ♡


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