Get to Know Karyssa of Eleanor&Everly

Posted on November 16 2016

Hi everyone! I'm so excited to introduce Karyssa, our most recent feature and the talented woman behind the blog Willow & Fawn and the handmade children's clothing company, Eleanor&Everly. In addition to the feature, we have teamed up with Karyssa to bring you some super cute Kindred bonnets. Look for them next week along with our first ever ECO2Cotton release!! Now, over to Karyssa.

Meet Karyssa

Hi all, I'm Karyssa! I'm a wife to the hunkiest husband named Jeremy and mama to two beautiful girls, Willow and Olive. We live in the Pacific Northwest, just about an hour from Seattle! I'm a stay at home mama and run a blog and a small handmade children's clothing shop with a close friend. Supporting small shops is so important to me, which is what lead me to Kindred. 

When I was pregnant with Willow I wasn't sure how I would parent. I had all these ideas but I didn't put pressure on myself to have my parenting "type" pinned down ahead of time. Then she came, her birth a blissful whirlwind, and once I had her in my arms I knew there was no putting her down. With her my love for baby wearing began. From day one until she reached nearly two years I wore Willow on a daily basis. These days Willow has long outgrown our wraps and slings, so now I spend my days with Olive bundled up against my body and Willows hand in mine. Olive is walking now but that hasn't stopped her from wanting up in the sling to get some sweet snuggles. When life with a three year old gets wild, I'm thankful for the ability to pop Olive in the sling. I found baby wearing to be a major piece of the balancing act that is being a mom to two. 

 Supporting women in general is a huge focus point in my life. As I am slowly beginning my journey to become a doula, and currently I focus on sharing all types of birth stories on my blog. Each time I read a story I hear something new, something beautiful, something that shows the strength that we all have within. Ive realized there is usually that point in birth when we have the fight or flight reaction, when you look at your partner and say "I just can't do this", and deep down we know that means we're almost there. Those moments get me teary eyed every time. To contribute to the birth movement in the smallest way by spreading these tales is so important, and continuing to support mothers throughout motherhood with babywearing has brought me great joy. 

We all know the saying "babies don't keep", right? This season of life is so fleeting and I know I'm living my best years right now, watching these grow is pure magic and I'm so thankful to have kindred carrying them through. 

Xx, Karyssa


Be sure to check out Karyssa's takeover of our instagram feed tomorrow and be sure to keep up with her here: 

Willow & Fawn





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