The Color of Summer...at a Steal

Posted on June 22 2016

Summer is upon us and it is by far my favorite season of the year. Melting popsicles, dripping ice cream cones – cue the sticky fingers. Diving boards, backyard BBQs, lake dips, beach dips, rope swings—bring it on!!I think we can all agree that the key to enjoying the summer is to keep is simple. Easy-breezy and fuss free is the way to welcome the sunshine and the heat. Give us some comfy distressed denim and a soft white tee- summer uniform, check. To accompany our favorite summer uniform is a splash of cantaloupe in the way of our Ballard stripe. Think California beach towels, sorbet and some sandlot vibes. This fresh and cheery color is our summer crush!

What is typically considered a flaw (skips) is your summer steal! This wrap is being released at a discount of 15% as we found a few of the wraps contain skips (small and mostly un-noticed while you wear, but still they exist). This very common weaving flaw will in no way affect the integrity of the wrap. Consider these skips to be your summer steal of a great wrap! 

We hope this wrap can become your fuss free summer go-to. We dare you to ruin it with fun! We’re talking magic carpet rides over sand dunes, sunscreen wipe-aways, maybe it will catch some popsicle drips (or better yet, some margarita spills). Go for it! Enjoy the summer with this super duper soft and fresh wrap! As we always say: we hope this wrap will serve you in enjoying the little moments rather than sweating the little things! Happy Summer everyone!!!

credit Terra Lange for the incredible photos!


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