Wrapping a Newborn

Posted on October 08 2016

Meet Jenna

Hi Kindred mamas!

My name is Jenna. I'm a sometimes-blogger, an online health coach and a mama to two sweet boys --- a newborn and a two year old. :) Yep, we sure are busy but it's so much fun! I am so excited to be here today to talk about my experiences babywearing a newborn! 
Honestly, I don't know where I would be without babywearing. Ever since my good friend introduced me to woven wraps when my first son was a few months old, I have been totally hooked. I loved wearing my oldest in both wraps and ring slings but now, having two little ones, it has become more than a hobby --- it has become VITAL in our day! Being able to wear Luke and be hands free when I chase after Grayson is huge. I don't know how non-babywearing mamas survive, to be honest. I love being able to just pop Luke in a wrap while I cook dinner or play with Grayson. He usually goes right to sleep --- I love the snuggly newborn stage!

I often get asked if I prefer wraps over slings for a newborn and the answer is yes. I love slings (especially that Coronado Wheat!), especially for helping Luke get back to sleep if he woke up fussy, but there's just something extra sweet about wrapping a newborn. 
The two carries I love most when wrapping a newborn are FRTR, or front reinforced torso rebozo, and front wrap cross carry. Whenever I wrap Luke in either of these carries, he goes instantly to sleep! 
My very favorite wrap at the moment is Montauk Caramel. It's so snuggly right out of the box and has just enough grip to keep the passes nice and tight, which helps a newborn feel secure and fall right to sleep. The color is dreamy and it's my perfect "go with everything" wrap. This is my first experience with tencel and I really like it for the newborn stage --- the wrap gets SO soft but not saggy. 
This newborn stage is exhausting but so short (I keep having to remind myself). I feel grateful for the ability to keep my babies close, right where they want to be. I love both the aesthetics of Kindred Wraps and the heart behind them. I can't wait to continue wrapping Luke in their beautiful designs as he grows!
You can follow more of Jenna's journey on her blog, eatlivrun.com, and be sure to keep up with her on instagram @eatliverun  ♡
Photo credit: ComePlum


  • Nicole: November 21, 2016

    Saving this post as well! Cannot wait for my little dude to arrive and I can guarantee we will be referencing this!

  • Claire Gilfillan : October 18, 2016

    So beautiful!!

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