Posted on April 11 2015

Meet Brittany R.
"My name is Brittany. I am a twenty five year old stay at home mother to two, a 3 year old & a 12 month old.
I first started babywearing when my daughter was a newborn... I started out with a moby (stretchy wrap) but quickly graduated to ring slings and woven wraps because babywearing made breastfeeding and motherhood so much easier.
Babywearing became an essential part of my life after the birth of my son, a two year old and a newborn will definitely keep you on your toes. Babywearing allowed me to be able to keep up with my two year old's needs and my newborn's at the same time. I don't know how I would have gotten along in those first few months without it.
At its most basic level, I babywear to get things done. To cook, to clean, to grocery shop. To breastfeed and have two hands free. But on a deeper level, I babywear for the closeness, the securtiy of knowing my little ones are safe and happy. And for the extra cuddles of course."
"Upon receiving our tester wrap the first thing that jumped out at me when I opened the box was the sheer beauty of the design and boldness of the most perfect yellow I have ever seen. As I unwrapped it and took notice of the striking pattern.. it reminded me of vintage wallpaper of the best kind. And though the floral pattern gives off a vintage feel, the pop of yellow makes it perfectly modern in every way. I find this color and pattern very easy to fit into my wardrobe which consists of lots of denim, grays, florals and flannels. Don't be afraid to pair this bold wrap with more color and pattern! As long as you use this wrap as the dominant pattern in your outfit, it will only accentuate an ensemble.
It only took me picking up this wrap to fall completely in love with it. For it is the softest wrap I have ever had the pleasure to lay my hands on. The weave seems to be less dense than other wraps I have used. And the wrap itself is light and airy. Great for summer and warmer climates. 

After wearing this wrap with a 25 pound one year old while he napped and I cleaned house I will say that I experienced a bit of sagging. Since the weave is less dense than say a linen or hemp blend wrap, it does require more precise wrapping in order to prevent sagging in larger babies/toddlers. With more use I was able to correct and properly adjust to account for this and it did not take away from it's comfort level in the least. The wrap is light and gives a nice cushion for your shoulders even after extended wear. And the softness makes the passes glide easily over one another to make for a quick wrap job. This size 6 was definitely the shortest size 6 I have ever worked with which is something that all fuller figured/bustier women should note before purchasing. My baby and I both enjoyed this wrap. The thinness of the weave kept us cool and comfortable.


My experience with this wrap has been wonderful. From the unique design to the butter soft fabric I am completely smitten. I would recommend this wrap to any babywearer new or old. The absolute perfect wrap for a newborn and with the right babywearer, an excellent wrap for larger babies/toddlers as well. I have received so many comments from passersby, babywearers, and family members on the beauty of this wrap. A must have for any bold pattern lover." -Brittany R.



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