Posted on April 11 2015

Meet Judy K.
"I am a first-time mother and am completely in love with my baby girl, Kalen. I am also a full-time 4th grade teacher, and balancing work and motherhood has been challenging, but babywearing has helped my daughter and myself maintain and continue building the bond that we've established since birth. I first started babywearing with a stretchy wrap and soft-structured carrier when my daughter was around four weeks old. She hated it at first, but as we began trying different types of carriers and experimenting, she now absolutely loves being worn. We are now a full-on babywearing family to allow our daughter to feel closeness, security, and love as often and as much as possible."
"My only other experience with a woven wrap is a Neobulle woven in a size 6. I would have to say that in comparison with the Neobulle, the Kindred wrap is much softer and lighter. I wore this wrap for several hours at a time on two different occasions, and didn't feel any discomfort on my back or shoulders. This was especially exciting for me because I have a very sensitive lower back due to a car accident that I was in a couple of years ago.  
I also really liked how the design allows the wrap to be reversible. It felt like I had two wraps in one!

When I first tried a front wrap cross carry with the Kindred, I found the fabric easy to quickly wrap around my body, but when I tried adjusting my baby into the wrap, the fabric was not as grippy as I would have liked. As a newer wrapper, I had a bit of difficulty getting the wrap tight enough without the fabric becoming loose in some parts of the carry.

I also attempted a back wrap cross carry with this wrap and found the wrap to be very comfortable to carry my 16 pounder. But again, as a newer wrapper, I think that a grippier fabric would have been easier for me to learn to wrap in some of the more advanced carries.
The only other suggestion that I would have is to place the middle marker on both sides of the panel. It was often hard for me to find that middle marker if I wasn't holding the wrap right-side up, as adorable as that yellow heart is!

Thank you so much for allowing me to be a tester for this beautiful wrap. My daughter and I have both thoroughly enjoyed our time with it, and we are sad that it has to leave us!" -Judy K. 

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