PAIA REVIEW by Rachael W.

Posted on April 13 2015

Meet Rachel W.

"I get to have the best of all worlds with my career and being a stay-at-home mom at the same time. This allowed me to wear my babies all throughout our days and nights. I have to be productive and still keep them close. Baby wearing is the one thing that has made this happen. I really don’t know how I would do it all now that I have a baby with two crazy big brothers, a job, a business and a house to run! I bought my first wrap when my oldest was just a few weeks old and never looked back. I knew it was for me. Now that I have a little girl I am having so much fun wearing beautiful colors, designs and fabrics and can be as girlie as I want to be!"
"The purple in this wrap is just perfect. The color isn’t too cool or warm, not too light or dark and mixes with the white to create a nice contrast while staying soft and feminine looking. A floral pattern isn’t my favorite...I like modern, geometric patterns with soft colors, but the floral in this wrap is beautiful. The color depicted on social media does seem true to the wrap in person. This wrap pattern and color is feminine and eclectic. The pattern is a bit busy so it was best paired with solid colors and no other pattern.
The texture of this wrap is phenomenal. I love that it does not have textural seams you seem to see in patterned woven wraps. It is smooth with just a bit of textual variance on the edges of the floral pattern. The material is extremely soft to the touch and we never felt hot while using it. 
My first impression of the density of the fabric was that it was thick and extremely high quality. The fabric does not have much, if any, stretch to it in either direction. It feels strong while staying relatively breathable.
Since I haven’t used other woven wraps it is hard to know how this one compares. I have watched many videos and seen them in use though. I felt the wrap was easy to get on, but a bit difficult to adjust if I was already wearing it and needed to tighten it. The fabric is very grippy so when I would tug on each piece it was hard to get it to budge. When I’ve watched videos it seems that they are easily tied and I did have a hard time actually getting all the fabric tied in a knot at the end.
I am used to having the fabric spread across my shoulders with stretchy wraps and ring slings. When I tried it with this wrap I couldn’t keep it tight along the bottom rail of my arm. This is just a preference thing though as it was still very comfortable to have the material gathered at the top like most do. However, I found it extremely comfortable and wearable overall. We walked around the neighborhood for longer periods and didn’t feel any fatigue.
Function is extremely important to me, but form and beauty have to be there for me to spend my money. I would wear your wraps proudly, any place, any time. And I have to say that you knocked it out of the park with the packaging! The box and booklet make you feel like you are getting something of quality that matches the quality of the product.  
As with all baby wearing products that aren’t “buckle in and go”, as long as a mom takes the time to properly understand how to use the wrap, I think it is good for anyone at any stage...I do unfortunately know many moms who gave up before giving it a chance. I feel like the beauty of your product may be inspiring to those who are just starting out, but have the mindset that woven wraps are only for experienced wearers. One of my good friends gave up on a stretchy wrap almost immediately with her second baby and is now pregnant with her third. She saw me with this wrap on and said the color is so beautiful that having something like it may inspire her to give wrapping another chance!
I would give this as a gift in a heartbeat...most moms I know on their first babies don’t consider this as a beginner’s carrier...I would have used this wrap from the day she was born if I had it. I can imagine I would be fine wearing her in it through her toddler years.

Thank you for the opportunity and I can’t wait to have one living with me permanently!

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