TIBURON REVIEW by Wynter Weaver

Posted on April 13 2015

Meet Wynter W.

Experience with woven wraps: 2 years with daughter since she was 1-day old. I also wear my niece and friends kids occasionally.

Baby’s Age: 23 months



The design is beautiful. I’m not the biggest fan of florals but it is aesthetically pleasing. The design is very well done. People who like floral patterns have told me how much they like it! It reminds me a little of beautiful china and is definitely on trend for spring! It’s whimsical, playful and has great balance. It is a fabulous shade of blue! I really love the color. It goes well with my daughters steel blue eyes, goes great with jeans and is a great spring color.


I was amazed at how soft this was when I opened the box! I immediately wanted to curl up on the couch with it. It felt great in hand and even better wrapped around a baby. The texture was smooth and flat, not dry. I can’t imagine it being softer as it is soft already! When other people felt it, they thought I had put a lot of effort into breaking it in. I love that it doesn’t need to be broken in!

  I wouldn’t call this wrap dense at all. It’s airy but not loose. It has a little stretch, which I appreciate, but held its shape well and was very moldable. It never sagged while I was wearing. I never had it wrapped for more than 30 minutes so it’s hard to say if it would get saggy for longer wear, I can see it becoming saggy though. It didn’t sink or stretch once it was tied off. It held very well.


It was definitely breathable. The best I could compare it too is a combination of Woven Wings linen and Pavo summer 2014 releases, the airiness of linen but combined with the softness and smoothness of Pavo. It is also similar to Natibaby bamboo. I felt the weight was distributed evenly across my shoulders. I did have a little bit of a hard time getting a tight enough chest pass at first, even when it was slightly loose, it was still comfortable and I didn’t notice digging or tightness else where. I didn’t get to wear it for longer than about 30 minutes, (toddler!), but I can’t imagine it becoming uncomfortable. It feels low percentage merino on my shoulders, it was cushy despite being on the thin and airy side. My daughter liked to pull her arms into the wrap, which usually means she like it and is nice and cozy!


Overall, it is a great wrap! I would definitely recommend this wrap! It is perfect for babies but still durable and sturdy enough for a toddler. I love that it is an eco-friendly product, made in the US…It is relatively easy to wrap with and would be good for newer wrappers and experienced wrappers as well. It would make a fabulous baby gift. I did get a lot of comments on this wrap. All positive. People loved the color, the pattern and how soft it was.

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