Posted on April 18 2015

Meet  Courtney C.
"Babywearing or Toddlerwearing is very near and dear to my heart. It has become part of the way I parent and how I deal with life so to say. I am a very busy mom (oh heck, all moms are busy) so when it comes to getting things done, I need my hands free. I don’t care if you use a wrap, SSC, or a towel to wear your kid. If you babywear, I LOVE IT. 
I’ve been babywearing for two plus years now. I have tried almost any brand you can name (except for handwovens)...I have dabbled in many brands; you name it, I’ve tried it. And I love each and every wrap I have tried. No hater-ade over here."

*My son is 2.5 years old, 29lbs

Ballard Stripe

"So what makes Kindred Wrap so special?

For me, I have the pickiest shoulders in the world. Not really sure if shoulders can be picky, but mine are! So when I wrap with a woven, it must be able to lay on my shoulders softly but firmly. I also have a bit of lower back issues from pregnancy, so making sure that the wrap isn’t slippy is very important to me.

When I tried the Kindred Ballard Stripes I definitely fell in love. If you have tried a Pavo Aquaria, or hearts, then this wrap is pretty comparable. Ballard Stripes cush factor is a 9/10. It is a little more firm than an Aquaria, but I think that with more breaking in, the stripes will be just as cushy or more. The cush suffices for a toddlers weight. It is soft, and cuddly. It has a nice bounce to it that any big baby would love. I think bounce is so important in a wrap, because it has a little give, and it’s not too tight.


As far as the wrap jobs that I got to do with this wrap: FWCC, Rucksack, DH, DH CCCB, RR, RR CCCB, DH TAS, and Torso. My favorite carry was the DH and FWCC. It is very easy to wrap with. It glides very nicely and it doesn’t get stuck. But like I mentioned, it is not slippy, or messy. It is easy to work with. Another important factor is that this wrap is airy. Living in Hawaii, I need an airy/breathable wrap that won’t kill us in the heat. This wrap was fine in a single or double pass carry. I also enjoyed the wrong and right sides. I like a wrap that has variety, and the stripes had exactly that.

I would recommend this brand to anyone with newborns or toddlers. I got to feel and play with a few of the other test wraps and they were not dense like Stripes. It would be a great brand to start with, and to grow with. And that right there says it all, because you want to make sure you invest in a wrap that will last you a while!" -Courtney C.


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