Posted on April 27 2015

Meet Lynette B.

"Hi! I'm Lynette, mother of two daughters, a newborn and an 18 month old. I started babywearing when my older daughter was an infant because it seemed like a natural way to parent. I loved the idea of keeping her close to me while having the opportunity to perform daily activities, like cooking, cleaning and shopping. As she got older, I became intrigued by the fashionable aspect of babywearing. I love being able to pick a wrap or sling to match my mood or outfit. I really started to enjoy using woven wraps when pregnant with my second daughter because it allowed me to manage my toddler (who is fast on her feet!) while proceeding with my daily activities. Plus, babywearing is an awesome workout (who needs a gym?) and it helped keep me in shape during my pregnancy. Now that my second daughter is here, it has become an incredibly meaningful and integral part of our lives."



Upon arrival, I was immediately impressed by the color and design of Tiburon Honey. It's a very sunshiny yellow, one that will cheer me up if I'm feeling down. The pattern is classic but feels modern at the same time. My husband said it reminds him of "curtains from Gone With The Wind" (in a good way). It has a bit of shine to it similar to mercerized cotton (I'm assuming that's a quality of tencel). It's a wrap that has no wrong side, which is a quality that I really love for aesthetic purposes. It measures true to size at 3.67M STIH for a size 4.


After the initial wash, I wrapped my newborn in a kangaroo carry then my toddler in a RRRR with a CCCB. I found the passes to glide easily over each other and I achieved a secure carry on the first shot with no adjustments needed after my knot was tied. The pattern of the wrap does have some texture but I wouldn't necessarily call it a "grippy" wrap. I would consider this a lightweight to medium thickness wrap but the Tencel blend gives it an extra amount of unexpected strength. My toddler felt secure and supported though I only carried her briefly. I'm looking forward to wearing her for longer time periods to see how my shoulders hold up.

Overall, I think this will be a great wrap for the summer. It's soft and comfortable for both newborns and toddlers. It's definitely beautiful and seems like a good wrap for both beginners and experienced wrappers." -Lynette B.


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