Posted on June 10 2015

"We wrapped wrong side out. It's gorgeous. This wrap does not need breaking in but will definitely get softer with wear (I wrapped with one of the testers so I know that for sure).

It has great glide and is very easy to wrap with. This was probably one of the most effortless chest belts I've ever had as far as tightening goes.
On the same token, the texture is slight but there is just enough that it easily locks those passes into place once you have everything where you want it.

My favorite thing to do with a new wrap is wrap sloppily. It sounds counterproductive but I really want to know if a wrap will work in a hurry or if I need to be precise while wrapping so I always start with a sloppy (but safe) wrap job. This wrap made it hard to be sloppy because it was so easy to tighten everything but I think I still managed.
Even in a fairly sloppy DH Freshwater TUB it was super comfortable, very little weight on my shoulders (a sign of a good chest pass) and very breathable. My son was well supported and while I knew he was there (because let's be real, a 25lb toddler cannot actually be weightless) I was not uncomfortable and I was not burdened by his weight in the least.
My only complaint is that I need a 7 because I barely eeked out a double knot under bum (although I do think it will stretch some with wear) and this is my very favorite carry for a long wrap but that is a side effect of a baby who is not a baby anymore so we won't talk about that." -Heather S. 

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