Posted on June 10 2015

Meet Michelle L.
"Michelle wandered down the woven wrap rabbit hole three years ago and forgot to leave a trail of bread crumbs. She lives in Kansas with her exceedingly tolerant husband, Ryan, and two girlies, Liesel (3) and Arden (1). When not normalizing okay wrap jobs, Michelle loves crocheting, spinning yarn, cooking, and of course, the Doctor."
"I took the plunge on Ballard Ochra upon their initial release, though I hadn't heard much about Kindred's wraps (other than seeing some truly lovely photos). I'm a serious sucker for gold/mustard, and couldn't resist these gorgeous stripes! 

Ochra arrived in its lovely logo'd box, a gift waiting to be opened. The color is spot on -- that perfect gold that seems so difficult to achieve, and the tencel gives it a fantastic sheen. A quick wash and dry, and up we went for a test drive!
First off, this is a wrap that requires zero breaking in. Zilch. Goose-egg. It's floptastic right out of the gate, soft, and oh-so-moldable. A medium (I'd even say medium-thin?) weight, don't let the 300+ gsm fool you -- this is NOT a beastly wrap, and would be phenomenal with a squish. If you're a texture person, this may not be the wrap for you; Ochra is smooth as Benedict Cumberbatch (couldn't you just listen to that guy talk for hours?) and hugs your every curve as tightly as you wish he would....oh, Benny....

AHEM. Anyhoo. Ballard. Ochra. Smooth. Glidey. Medium stretch. Just enough grip. As opposted to tall, dark, and handsome, we're talking long, golden, and still pretty darn handsome. It's no Cumberbatch, but it's one heck of a nice wrap.
Ochra truly shines in multilayer carries and practically Double Hammocks itself. In these carries, I have no problem carrying my 20lb 13-month-old for hours or my 30lb 3-year-old for reasonable lengths of time with zero sag. If you're looking for an awesome toddler ruck or like airy, floofy, cushy wraps, however, you may want to wait to see what else is up Kindred's sleeve. Ballard is fairly dense (though with the tencel is quite breathable and would be a nice summer option) and flat on the shoulders; while not "pillowy," you certainly won't find it diggy -- and just LOOk at that pleating!! This wrap (and, I expect, all of Kindred's currently released designs, as all are the same blend) is a real gem and deserves some chatter. There are still several patterns in this gorgeous tencel blend available at www.kindredwrap.com -- grab one before the rest of Babywearingland discovers how fantastic they are!" -Michelle L.

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