Posted on July 28 2015


"Wearing your baby is one of the warmest, soft, and loving experiences in memories and bonds that you and your child will carry forever. Choosing a wrap is important, and although you have many options to choose from, you will always have that one legacy wrap that is love at first sight. A legacy wrap will be that one that will go into the memory box; the one that you and your child made so many great memories in, whether it's from doing chores around the house, to relaxing on the beach. A Kindred is certainly a “legacy” wrap-worthy candidate, because of the design, blend, and comfort it provides.

Packaging is everything. It’s the first impression; it’s the cover of the book. Kindred's packaging says so much before you even open it - the crisp white box with a simple yellow heart, and the clean words, "Kindred Wrap” neatly centered, certainly catches your eye. Once you open the box, you are greeted with a tidy yellow ribbon wrapped around a beautiful wrap. Yellow is a symbol of happiness, warmth, and sunshine, and that is certainly everything you feel when you are wearing your baby.

There’s a wrap color out there for every babywearing person. When I first saw Pa'ia Watermelon, I immediately fell in love with the shade of red. Most people find red a very intimidating color; however watermelon is a soft, deep shade of red that is perfect for any season. There is no wrong or right side because they are both impeccable. The “right” side dresses you up for any occasion, making you feel elegant, edgy, and adventurous. The cool and calmer “wrong” side, with its bold red flowers peeking through, is flattering for both casual and fancy babywearing. Though many people think that red is a hard color to wear, it certainly feels easy to create an outfit that compliments the rich red that is Watermelon. Pa'ia Watermelon, despite the floral design, can definitely be worn by both men and women. Men can proudly rock this shade of red and not feel feminine at all. Even though my husband had never used a wrap, he did compliment the beautiful color and pattern. Since Pa'ia has quite a magnificent floral design, it does make this Kindred feel a bit more textured than my Montauk, for example. Compared to my wraps from other brands, Pa'ia is extremely  soft, and little thinner but definitely just as comfortable.

Let's admit, sometimes pushing around the stroller is a hassle and takes up a lot of space and time. Having a son with special needs means I am always on the go. My 5 year old often needs my full attention and that is not always easy when you have multiple kids. Because of this, I need a wrap that will provide easy "quick ups" when I'm in a rush. Most of the time I prefer my carries to be quick, easy and supportive. I tested a 6 which is more on the fancy side for me, because it allows you to do more with the tails. Personally I often use a 5, because it gives me just enough tail for quick or fancy, but playing with a 6 allowed me to have a little more fun with finishes and to show off more of the beautiful design.


Living in sunny California, I usually get hot very easily, but with Kindred I was able to take many long walks in the hot sun without a drop of sweat. I even wore Pa’ia Watermelon on a 2 mile walk with my 20 pound baby in the Cali desert, and Kindred never started to feel diggy or uncomfortable. Also, seat popping wasn't even a problem because it was very moldable and supportive. Tying a ruck with CCCB (or even the Rucksack tied at shoulder with a CCCB), my daughter felt weightless, and I almost forgot I was wearing her! I even wore my son (who loves being worn) quite a bit while we visited the beach:  I tied a simple RRRR (Reinforced Rear Rebozo Rucksack) with a knotless finish. With the knotless finish and a heavier child, I did notice that the texture of Watermelon has more glide than some of my other wraps, so knotless did not stay as tight as I am used to. Tying a regular knot at the waist felt more supportive and secure for his larger size. The wrap is so soft and comfortable, yet supportive and thin – an amazing combination. There are so many different carries and finishes you could easily do with Pa’ia, and it’ll always look and feel amazing!

Wrapping this review up the same way I wrap my baby, I have nothing but LOVE for Kindred. Watermelon really blew me away from the moment I received the package, to the very end of the day when the Kindred sleepy-dust kicked in full force, and I successfully transferred my sleeping daughter to bed. Words cannot truly explain how amazing a Kindred wrap is - you really must experience one for yourself. Thank you so much for the opportunity to review gorgeous Pa’iaWatermelon! I really enjoyed the experience and am really sad that Watermelon had to return home… perhaps she will make her way into my stash in the near future." -May J.

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