Posted on July 28 2015


Meet Sarah

"My name is Sarah and I’m a full time working mama to my three year old daughter named Melody, and a seventeen month old son named Maddox. I dabbled with babywearing when my daughter was an infant, but I really delved into the babywearing world when my son was born. I started off with ringslings, and have tried a few soft structured carriers, and then I came across mei tais and really loved how I could tie them to perfectly fit. I had been a bit intimidated by wraps, but after using my mei tais, I decided to give wrapping a try. I’m so glad I took the plunge because wraps are amazing! Although I’ve been babywearing for 3 years now, wrapping is still a new world for me and I’m constantly learning new techniques, about new brands, and all about blends – challenges I gladly accept. I absolutely adore babywearing because while it helps me be hands free to take care of my kids and home, it also enables me to bond with my children, which something that is important to me since I work weekdays.

Montauk Review
45% Tencel / 55% Cotton Fiber Blend
297 g/m2 post wash
Toddler: 22 lbs., Preschooler: 33 lbs.
Let me start off by saying that Kindred packaging is absolutely beautiful. I was not expecting such pristine wrapping, although I shouldn’t have expected anything less from what I’ve seen thus far! The sturdy white box and clean, modern logo made me so excited to open and reveal the mysterious beauty inside. Once open, I noticed the neatly tied yellow ribbon was such a lovely touch to an already charming package. 

My first impression of the Montauk Licorice wrap was absolute awe. It is even more gorgeous than the pictures I had seen on social media. I was not expecting the light side to be the “right” side, and the dark side to be the “wrong” side – very unique! Just admiring it in the box, the wrap looked like it had so much texture, and was very cushy and fluffy. I was pretty sure it was packed with sleepy dust! The dots are such a clean, classic design which makes any wrap job look effortlessly chic. The white side looks so crisp, and the dark side elegant – especially with the slight sheen it has from what I guess is the tencel blend it’s made from. After my babywearing days are over, I could easily see myself repurposing this wrap as a stylish scarf for myself. Not only that, but it’s such a unisex design that even my husband was interested in wrapping with it!
In hand, this wrap was amazing. It was so incredibly soft that I felt like I was holding a favorite blanket or a well-worn in tshirt. It had a bit of weight to it, but didn’t feel too thick – again, what I should expect from a tencel blend, since it’s made to be breathable and lightweight but supportive enough for even a toddler. At first I thought it might be a little warm to wrap with since it did feel thick in hand, but once I opened it and got a feel for the fabric, it felt very light and moldable. I could already tell this would be a favorite warm weather wrap just by exploring the textile.
I really like back carries, so it was the first thing I tried when I used Licorice. I instantly went for one of my favorite carries – RTT – but quickly noticed that this wrap was not as grippy as some of my other wraps, so the knotless finish was not as tight as I usually prefer. Not a problem though, as I could have easily tied knots if I wanted to keep this carry, but instead I decided to switch to a Ruck TAS-CCCB instead. The textile is somewhat “glidey” therefore passes are easy to do, which is great when you’re doing back carries. Since I tested a 6 (and I’m used to doing this with a 4), I didn’t even bother readjusting to start off center, especially since my fussy baby was trying to fall sleep. The tails were more than long enough for me to tie off, and I even think it looked rather pretty hanging like a scarf! I’ve done this carry with my other wraps, but it looked absolutely gorgeous with Licorice – the contrasting colors and the beautiful finishing knot was perfect. It felt very supportive of my slumbering toddler, yet just thin enough to be comfortable in this warm, humid weather. There is absolutely no bulk, and I could easily see that just by looking at the size of the CCCB compared to my other wraps. Maddox took a long nap snuggled up in Licorice, so I can confirm that the sleepy-dust is strong with this one.
My daughter still loves being carried every once in a while, so we have been looking for toddler/preschooler-worthy wraps to use with her for “quick-ups”. Licorice was definitely up to the challenge, and I found it comfortable enough with her three year old size. I usually carry her on my back, but I wanted to see how Licorice felt with a front carry, so I tried a few different finishes (including Robin’s Hip Carry). Montauk Licorice held up great for all the quick-ups I tried with Melody, and she seemed to really love how soft this wrap is! Back carries were an absolute breeze, and it never got uncomfortable or “diggy” for the periods of time I wore her, which makes both of us very happy!
Not only did I test Licorice, but I also had my husband, Jack, try his hand wrapping with it. He has never wrapped before, so a Kindred was his first. I started him off with a simple slipknot, and boy did he make the wrong side of licorice look so right! Maddox instantly fell asleep, and he agreed that the wrap was very supportive and soft. As someone who has never used a wrap before (but has used ring slings and mei tais), he was rather impressed by how comfortable it was, and even commented on how much he liked the neutral design.
Overall, this Kindred is a beautiful addition to any well-rounded babywearing stash. The comfort, wrapping qualities, design and versatility make it a wonderful wrap for both new and seasoned babywearers. I think it is a great wrap for beginners to learn with, and would make an absolutely gorgeous baby shower gift for any expecting parents. It is a great diaper bag wrap since it is so easy care for and to wrap with on the go. The design is unisex – both my husband and I really love the monochrome dots, and because of how supportive it feels with both my kids, I’m definitely convinced me that this wrap (or any Kindred) belongs in our stash!" -Sarah

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