Posted on October 12 2015


"Blend: 100% cotton
Thickness: Medium-thin
Stretch: Medium diagonal stretch
Breaking in effort: Low
Cush: Medium-low
Grip: Medium
Weave: Moderate density
Texture: Medium-high
Wrinklage: Medium
Target audience: Suitable for infants through toddlers, good for new wrappers
Comparable wraps: Didymos Indio (cotton)

As a fan of Kindred Wraps, I was extremely excited to have the opportunity to test their first 100% cotton wrap. I love the wrapping qualities and design of past releases (Tiburon Honey with Tencel is my favorite) and I had my eye on a gorgeous geometrical design that I had seen on the Kindred website. This pattern, which I now know is called Portlock, caught my attention immediately when Kindred first made an appearance earlier this year and I have been patiently waiting for my chance to try it out. Luckily for me, my cotton tester wrap was indeed the Portlock design in one of my favorite colors…charcoal grey.
Kindred really excels at first impressions. A clean white box is opened to reveal a perfectly folded wrap tied sweetly with a yellow ribbon. My initial thought when viewing the wrap in person was WOW. The somewhat delicate and intricate geometrical Portlock design has a modern art-deco vibe. Portlock is a hand drawn diamond pattern that is bold, detailed and chic. The charcoal grey is enough to accentuate the wrap’s design without it being too loud. Recently I have been gravitating towards neutral and monochrome colored wraps and this one really felt like it was made for me.

Charcoal Portlock felt soft and ready to wrap with out of the box. It is medium-thin in thickness with a moderately dense weave which means very little light shone through when held up to a light source. The pattern itself is quite textured with no break so the entire wrap has a significant amount of grip and texture. When held in-hand, Portlock has a decent amount of diagonal stretch without a lot of cushiness.
I was sent a size 5 (my base size) and I first performed a double hammock with a candy cane chest belt carrying my 25 pound 2 year old. I found I had to work a bit to position the multi-layer passes due to the texture of the pattern but once the passes were in place the carry felt tight and secure. Portlock has a perfect amount of grip to help keep passes from slipping. The wrap felt lightweight against my body but supportive with my toddler. I do think this wrap shines as a base size for multi-pass carries due to it’s medium-thinness. I cannot say how it would feel with a “heavy” toddler but I would imagine a carry with at least 2 passes would be best for increased support.
I then wrapped my 6 month old in a front wrap cross carry while shopping outside on a hot day. Again, I took my time to get my passes tight and once the knot was made, my baby and the wrap did not budge. A bit of diagonal stretch helped hug my daughter close against my chest and I felt extremely comfortable. It was apparent that she was comfortable as well because she quickly fell fast asleep. She is the type of child who easily overheats when wrapped and this was not an issue at all with Portlock. It’s relatively lightweight nature allowed for enough airflow to avoid either of us feeling too hot, even on a high temperature California afternoon. This wrap would be great in warm-hot climates in my opinion.
Overall, I was very pleased with Charcoal Portlock. To me, the aesthetics are a total win and the wrapping qualities would be ideal for new wrappers. I think this wrap shines as a base size with multi-pass carries. The little amount of extra time needed to work with the texture is totally worth it in the long run as the final outcome is a solid and secure carry that won’t slip. It is lightweight enough to feel comfortable in warmer temperatures without overheating. I found it supportive with my 25 pound toddler but am unsure how it would hold up with a heavier child. I am very much looking forward to seeing more of Portlock as well as future releases from Kindred." -Lynette B. 

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