Posted on January 11 2016


Coronado Review

"The first time I saw Olive was in a gorgeous shot of Kindred's Fall/Winter collection preview. In that very instant, Olive grabbed me. Was it gold? Was it green? The pattern was fresh. Unique. When I was offered the opportunity to welcome one into my stash, I was admittedly hesitant. Being 45% tencel, I was unsure it would fit my preferred wrapping qualities. There was yet to be a formal review. Apricot had been released, but I couldn't find much on that one either. Olive. My mind wouldn't let it go... "Try it! Do it!" So I did.

When it arrived I graciously opened the white box with wide eyes ready to finally soak in that color. OMG! Perfection. Olive is the perfect earthy green that changes in different light- green, brown, gold and insanely pretty. I often find wraps to be bright or loud. Coronado is simple yet complex, sophisticated, intriguing. It easily goes with everyday wear. The weave variations really bring it to life. Each section has its own unique feel. There's texture. There's grip. There's silky smooth and soft. Plus, the drape!!! *pounding heart*

Of course it was stiff right out of the box. Never make the mistake of judging a wrap in loom state. Just don't. I immediately (well, after a few photos) popped that baby in the washer and waited as patiently as possible. The first time I wrapped with it we did our go-to Front Wrap Cross Carry. It hugged my baby. It hugged me. It hugged us together.

Coronado is strong. No sag. There's effortless stretch that translates to moldability with enough grip to stick in place. I would not describe it as cushy, but it has a spongey feel in hand. On the thicker side of medium range, it pleats beautifully! The only wrap that comes to mind as a comparison is Pavo Tippi Shadow. Coronado and Tippi are both sturdy. Tippi is a bit more solid with less stretch and drier. Olive breathes, hugs, and it is so much softer. Winning! This wrap is right up my alley.

I'm stoked I stepped outside of my comfort zone. Not only did I get an amazing wrap that fits my style, I also was able to support an awesome American company. Kindred Wrap is bringing some fun colors and a new look to the babywearing world. I look forward to seeing what comes next!" -Rose

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