Ballard Stripe

$ 129.60 $ 162.00

Ballard has become Kindred’s staple stripe. In our studio when in doubt, stripe it out.

*Please note: This wrap is being released as a second at a discount of 15% as a majority of the wraps contain small skipped threads. These skips are purely a cosmetic issue (barely noticeable while wearing) and will in no way affect the integrity of the wrap! Please email info@kindredwrap.com if you have any questions. 

45% Tencel/55% Cotton Fiber Blend  |  288 g/m2 post wash

Woven on an ecru warp, and made in the USA. The Tencel Cotton blend is lightweight, breathable, and incredibly durable to support your toddler, yet snuggly soft to cuddle your newborn. The blend makes for easy wrapping, no sagging, and is super soft after just one wash (no breaking-in required). Designed to be reversible, your wrap can be used in a variety of carries to support the needs of you and your little one. Each wrap comes beautifully packaged with an instructional booklet. If not a treat for yourself, a Kindred Wrap makes a wonderful gift for a special friend.

Care Info:

Your wrap will arrive to you in loom state, unwashed. It is important that you wash your wrap before its initial use to help set the fiber for optimal strength as well as bring out the true feel and texture of the wrap. Post-wash your wrap will be at its final length as our wraps have been cut for an expected 11% shrinkage during first wash.

Wash on cold using color safe detergent with no optical brighteners, softeners or bleaches (we use Seventh Generation Natural Laundry Detergent).

Tumble dry on low/no heat/delicate.

Iron your wrap after washing to prevent creasing, and store neatly in a dry place. 

Enjoy wrapping.

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