Where are your wraps and ring slings available for purchase?

Our wraps and ring slings are currently sold exclusively on our website.

When should I start using my carrier?

You can begin using your carrier right away. We do ask, however, that you consult an expert before carrying if infant has respiratory problems or if he/she was born with a low birth weight (more common in premature babies and twins). Read more on our safety tips and suggestions here

When should I stop wrapping my child?

You may wrap your child for as long as the little one is willing. Our wraps and slings are woven to be soft, yet strong, and have been tested to support a weight 3x our recommended range of 8-40 lbs.

How do I care for my wrap/sling?

Wash before first use on cold using color safe detergent with no optical brighteners, softeners or bleaches. Tumble dry on low/no heat/delicate settings. Steam iron your wrap or sling after washing to prevent creasing. Fold or roll when not in use, and keep in a dry place.

What is your return policy?

We accept returns and offer full refunds on items that have not been worn, washed, or damaged and are returned with all original packaging materials (including box, brochures, etc.) To learn about our return policy click here

What does the fabric feel like?

The fabric will be delivered to you in loom state. It will have a slight sheen and stiffness to the touch at first. However after the very first wash you will feel the true quality of your wrap. It is incredibly soft, flexible and smooth, and requires no breaking in post wash.

What size wrap should I order?

The wrap size you purchase all depends on the wearer's size and wrap experience.

* To learn more about selecting the appropriate size, please click here

Should I order a different size if I want to share it?

We suggest selecting a size based on the individual who plans to use the wrap most often. That said, it is easier to loop/tuck/tie extra length, than work with too short a wrap. If you plan to interchange users often, Size 6 is the standard size suggested. 

* To learn more about selecting the appropriate size, please click here


Are your wraps and dyes safety tested?

Yes. Our wraps have been tested by a licensed laboratory and have passed all strength and dye criteria set forth by the ASTM F2907 standard.   

Will your wraps be able to support my toddler?

Yes. Our wraps have been tested to support 3x our suggested weight of 40 lbs.


Can I review your products for my blog?

Absolutely! We do ask that all bloggers contact us to let us know a little about you and your blog before posting. Giving us this visibility allows us to promote the post and your blog/website/tumblr etc.

Will I have to readjust the wrap once it’s on?

As you become more comfortable with wrapping your little one, you will start to understand what feels best to you; how tight, the amount of tension, what carries, etc. Practice goes a long way and while you might be intimidated and feel a need to readjust more often in the beginning, you will soon learn what works for you. That said, we do suggest that you readjust your little one as needed to ensure proper positioning and clear airway.

Is the wrap safe?

Yes. When used correctly the woven wrap is an extremely safe method for carrying your little one. In a wrap your little one is close to you and visible so that you can easily monitor their needs and quickly respond. In addition to easy observation, when correctly positioned in the wrap your child is sitting in an ergonomic position.

Is the wrap portable?

Yes. A great attribute of the wrap is how easily it packs up. Simply fold it, roll it, and pack in your day bag. Not only is it easily portable, it makes curbs, crowds, and uneven terrain a non issue.

My baby is fussy in the wrap, how can I fix this?

It’s really about movement. The wrap is meant to mimic the environment of the womb and offers a great deal of soothing. If your little one is fussy, walk, bounce, sway, give it a moment and you will find that your little one is rocked to sleep.

Where can I find more information on woven wraps?

For more information you may contact us at info@kindredwrap.com or contact your local babywearing group:


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